This page captures the discussions and contains the resources from the Closer Look at Argumentative Writing segment of the Sept 2014 networking session.

What do the standards say?

K-5: opinion; 6-12 Argumentative
K-3: familiar topics; 4-5 any topic; 6-8 claim & argument; 9-12 claim, argument, substantive analysis

Teachable Argument Skills

  • Focus
    • K-3: topic sentence, narrative v informational, opinion v fact, point of view
    • 4-5: identifying two sides of an argument, locating two opinions and choosing a side, narrowing a topic, research techniques, outlining, methods of introducing & concluding, grammar & conventions
    • 6-8: research process, identifying & supporting sources, clear thesis, purpose & audience, plot diagram, summarizing,
    • 9-12: personal narrative, analyzing non-fiction, revising, source citations
  • Content
    • K-2: facts, reasons & details
    • 3-5: format, structure (intro, body, conclusion), utilization of textual support (4th+), identifying credible sources (5th)
    • 6-8: transitions, relevant evidence, opposing viewpoints, types of arguments (cause/effect, compare/contrast),
    • 9-12: topic analysis, relations/relevance, audience & purpose, distinguishing opposing claims, strengths & limitations, formal research & finished product
  • Organization
    • K-2: identifying reasons, provide closure
    • 3-5: logical order of ideas, defined purpose for writing, concluding statement related to argument
    • 6-8: elaborate on claims (words, phrases, clauses), provide evidence, cohesive evidence (8th); transitions
    • 9-12: linking claims, counterclaims, reasons, evidence; clear relationships; conclusion follow & supports argument
  • Style
    • K-3: use a variety of words & phrases(2nd+), purpose & audience (2nd+)
    • 4-5: word choice for precision; awareness of style; vary sentence length; expand, combine & reduce sentences; well-defined perspective; appropriateness
    • 6-8: stylistic aspects of composition; vary sentence length & complexity; voice; formal writing; precise, displinary language; tone (8th)
    • 9-12: objective tone; discipline specific
  • Conventions of Language
    • grade appropriate grammar & spelling

Resources for Teaching Argument